GPS: 41°35'08.6"N 23°47'17.7"E
2960 Village Garmen


Main activities of our company are extraction, processing and sale of gneiss stone.

The gneiss is metamorphic rock with extremely solidity and durable to very low temperatures stone with rugged and nonslip surface. These physic and mechanical qualities of the gneiss guarantee stable, long-term and esthetic results in construction, revetment, laying of floorings and decoration of exterior and interior design ( park areas, wall tiling, barbeques, fireplace, swimming pools, aqua parks, outdoor fountains, masonry, house, etc. ). It is offered in different shapes and sizes .
The colour of the stones is determined by the minerals that it contains: white, gray, yellow, green, brown, etc.
Unique color and rich shades of this natural stone determine it as one of the most practical and preferred rock lining materials in exterior and interior design.